3M R8 Series Tankless Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Machine

3M R8 series tankless reverse osmosis pure water machine

3M China


  • Refined: 3M is combined with “element” technology, bringing you all the “element” care. Composite filter element technology, high-performance filter material, together with high-efficiency filtration process can effectively filter various heavy metals and other pollutants in the water and effectively alleviate water scale to always protect the health of you and your family.
  • Fresh: barrel-free design to avoid secondary pollution; 400GPD large flux, fresh water quality is enjoyed after filtering
  • Thin: stylish ultra-thin appearance, space saving and trouble saving
  • Static: ingeniously designed pump suspension shock absorbing structure, effectively absorbs pump vibration with quietness and noise reduction and creates a comfortable kitchen space
  • Intelligent: dual reminder of intelligent LED and buzzer, real-time monitoring of filter service life and machine running status, bringing you “element” protection
  • Saving: high-efficiency water-saving design, 1:1 low wastewater ratio, energy saving and environmental protection; integrated disposable filter to prevent secondary pollution, quick and convenient replacement