Zero Discharge of Sewage

Zero discharge of sewage

Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Given the situation of environmental pollution and water shortage, the state has proposed higher requirements for wastewater recycling-namely zero discharge of wastewater in high-pollution enterprises such as coal chemical, metallurgy, petrochemical, coking, thermal power plants and some industrial parks, in addition to recycled water. Xiaoqing Environmental Protection designed and researched a set of processes and key technologies and equipment for different wastewater quality, namely pretreatment of wastewater, proprietary biochemical treatment of HAF+FSBBR, advanced oxidation of ozone activated carbon, in-depth treatment after coagulation and clarification filtration, UF+RO+DTRO membrane filtration technology and multi-effect evaporation MVR and successfully realized zero discharge of wastewater. Through projects in Mengxi, Manas, Guye, etc. the whole process experience of design, equipment procurement, construction and commissioning operations is accumulated to achieve the goal of zero discharge of wastewater with the lowest operating cost for users, and occupy the leading position in the same industry.