Conex|Bänninger Residential Pipeline System

Conex|Bänninger residential pipeline system

IBP (Shanghai) Fluid Control Co., Ltd.

  • Assembled healthy red copper piping system, revolutionary pioneering in the pipeline industry
  • More than 90% households of western developed countries install standard red copper pipe
  • It requires cold connection, no electricity, no open flame, quick and easy bare-hand installation. It only takes 2 seconds to complete a pipe connection
  • 360-degree full circle rotation, extremely convenient construction, effective prevention of water leakage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of other pipelines
  • Health – bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, red copper has natural bactericidal ability that can kill more than 99% of bacteria in water, thus achieving truly green pipeline
  • Safety – pass the main certification and rigorous testing of the international pipeline industry with service life consistent with building and lifetime guarantee