PP-R Pipe

PP-R pipe

Shanghai Teilei Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.


  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-scaling, in line with GB/T17219-1998 standard for drinking water
  • High temperature resistance, pipe water temperature up to 95 ° C; high pressure resistance, test pressure up to 32 above-a at normal temperature
  • Use hot-melt connection technology, the pipe and pipe fittings are melted into one body without detachable ferrule or snap-on joint, safe and reliable, never leaking
  • Light weight, only one-eighth of the weight of steel pipes, easy to install, handle and connect, saving labor costs
  • Good insulation and energy saving, the thermal conductivity is only 1/200 of the steel pipe
  • Corrosion resistance, effective prevention of the corrosion of ions in water or chemicals to the inside and outside of the pipeline
  • Smooth inner wall, low system pressure loss and fast water flow
  • The modulus of elasticity is small, and the expansion force due to temperature changes is also small. It can be used for embedded wall and floor surface in direct burial and hidden laying method.