ACO Grease Separator

Grease separator

ACO Drainage Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  • ACO grease separation and sewage lifting integrated design
  • Fully automatic cleaning function, automatic suction and discharge of sludge, zero daily maintenance
  • Fully intelligent control system for remote control
  • 90% of total capacity (waste water) does not require disposal, reducing a significant portion of the cost of cleanup and clean water consumption
  • Since grease can be quickly discharged from the separator, no grease is accumulated in the unit body
  • During the discharge process, there is no need to shut down the equipment itself (no need to close the inlet and outlet), and there is no need for a dedicated suction cleaning vehicle
  • Fully enclosed structure, greatly reducing the spread of odor
  • No need to manually clean waste oil or waste residue, oil and mud can be collected automatically in the container, simplifying daily maintenance and protecting employee health