Submersible Motor

Submersible motor

The dismountable waterproof electrical machinery lead connector, which is in line with drinking water standards, is adopted. The sealed stator uses the self-recovery stator resin featuring efficient impact resistance and F-level insulation. The water lubrication bearing system is fully free of maintenance and in line with environmental protection requirements. Its long service life and reliability can ensure long-term operation of wells.

Franklin Electric Company

Founded in 1944, Franklin Electric Company is the largest transnational corporation providing submersible motors for the use of wells in the world. It is also the world-renowned manufacturer of submersible pumps, oil-submerged pumps, gasoline pumps, and electric machines for specialized use. Apart from being a technological leader in the global submersible motor industry, Franklin Electric Company is also a standard setter of submersible motor techniques. Headquartered in Indiana, US, it is listed on NASDAQ. Worldwide, Franklin Electric Company has 16 production bases, distributed in the US, Germany, North Africa, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, China, Japan, etc. With a workforce of around 5,000 in the world, Franklin Electric Company’s net sales volume is around USD 1.1 billion. Having engaged in electric machine and water pump production for more than seven decades, it has the most advanced water system manufacturing technology and production equipment, powerful scientific research design capacity, and complete quality assurance and service system. Products of Franklin Electric Company have found wide applications in submersible motors, system irrigation civil residences, industrial and municipal administration engineering, underground gasoline storage and diesel oil pump delivery systems.