Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve

The new double eccentric butterfly wave is a supplement to the fully imported products. Inheriting advantages of imported products, it has realized full localization and is positioned to the middle-end market.

Model: DN100-DN1800 PN10-16

Valve spheroidal graphite cast iron QT500-7 has a compact design. The new valve design is characterized by a large discharge capacity. Apart from the epoxy coating, it has obtained the drinking water certificate, stainless steel overlaying valve seats or epoxy coating valve seats.

Talis-Erhard Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany, Talis possesses 12 valve brands and manufacturing plants, including ERHARD, RAPHAEL, BAYARD, BELGICAST, ATLANTIC PLASTICS, SCHMIEDING, STRATE, UNJOINT, FRISCHHUT, etc. As one of the largest valve groups in the sewage treatment industry, it has a large market share in the global water and sewage valve market, capable of providing various valve solution plans ranging from source water systems to the whole water systems of users.