AVK Automatic Control Valve

AVK automatic control valve

AVK adopts the brand-new design concept and the compact pilot valve system. The system is made up of three principal components, including distribution blocks, hydraulic control blocks and infiltration blocks. All of them are made up of AISI 316 stainless-steel. The modularized design can use the specific monofunctional module or the multifunctional module, which is decided by different applications. Simple modification is also acceptable so as to get adapted to different functions. The turn-on and turn-off speed of the valve can be easily controlled. Adjustment can be made in distribution blocks using standard tools.

AVK Valves (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


AVK is a Danish company founded in 1941. So far, it has set up 90 branches worldwide. The major business scope of AVK covers production of valves, fire hydrants and pipe fittings, and the company’s products have found wide applications in the field of water supply, sewage treatment, gas pipe network and fire-fighting. Besides, AVK has developed competitive brands in the field of water treatment, dam and reservoir, heating, chemical engineering, marine and other industry. Designed in accordance with major international standards, AVKs products have reached more than 80 countries in the world. Quality, reliability, efficacy and long service life—these are major promises made by AVK to its customers. Back to the 1980s, AVK entered the Chinese market. In 1997 and 2002, AVK set up its directly-affiliated marketing institution in Hong Kong (China) and Shanghai (China), respectively. During the same period of time, it invested in setting up its plant in Ma’anshan, Anhui. AVK is committed to not only product manufacturing, but also provision of a complete set of solution plans.