459 Compact Safety Valve

459 compact safety valve

The connection sizes are varied and are suitable for medium-and small-volume discharge. This makes the safety valve more economically feasible. Different throat diameters, sealing and connection methods are adopted to ensure extensiveness of application. The single valve internals are a favorable choice of steam, gas and liquid. Additional features of the product include a broader setting of pressure, which can reach 850 bar/12.328 psig, and the product has passed the UV/ASME, CE, EAC and classification society certification.



LESER is a European manufacturer of safety valves with a workforce of more than 800 people. The headquarters of LESER in Germany located in Hamburg is responsible for safety valve R&D. So far, LESER safety valves have passed the strict lab experiment of ASME certification. Enterprises both at home and abroad show a special preference for LESER safety valves. This allows extensive applications of LESER safety valves to the field of chemical engineering, industrial gas, oil and gas production, equipment manufacturing, food and drug. LESER provides all industrial applications with the spring loaded and prior safety valves in accordance with PED and ASME VIII standards, and complete solution plans for special applications. Eight wholly-owned subsidiaries of LESER are distributed in Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia. The well-trained and authorized maintenance centers are found in more than 80 countries. This allows LESER to offer professional consulting and other service to all customers. Fully committed to safety valve production, LESER China can satisfy all your technical requirements. So far, we have been operating on the Chinese market for more than 25 years, and are still increasing our investments in China. The headquarters of LESER China is located in Tianjin. Besides, it has offices in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively. In Shenzhen and Wuhan, it has employed professional sales and technical stuff. All this ensures our provision of professional expert consulting and service for you.