Regenerative Oxidation Furnace

Regenerative oxidation furnace

Anguil Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

  • Completely assembled in the factory, shipped after wiring test
  • Maximum processing air volume of 47,313 Nm3/hr.

The maximum processing air volume of each independent unit system group is 118,283Nm3/hr

  • RTO can reach 25% explosion limit, self-burning can be maintained when VOC concentration is 3% LEL
  • Fuel adjustment string design is FM/TSSA/CGA certified
  • Temperature can be maintained at maximum design air volume without volatile organic gases
  • PLC-based control features data acquisition and remote control
  • Inverter drive enables low frequency operation when there is little exhaust gas or system standby
  • Baking mode can remove organic sticky substances accumulated in the equipment
  • Maintenance entrance is hinged door for easy maintenance