sbfec” “circular crystal

“sbfec” “circular crystal”

Shanghai Bag Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.

“Circular crystal” and “SBFEC” brand bag filter electrostatic pulse valves adopt imported custom film, advanced processing technology, automation equipment, and perfect testing equipment to ensure product responsiveness, superior performance, efficient cleaning, energy saving, long service life; the large-diameter submerged pulse valve of the rotary pulse bag type dust collector has obtained the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, and the conclusion is “reaching the international advanced level”; the pulse injection control instrument product realizes various control of the pulse valve and the valve and the hammer integrated control of accessories, saves customers time and effort; the remote control pilot box is combined with pneumatic valve to solve the problem of harsh climate environment for customers; the integration of pulse valve and air bag makes the design and installation of the two in one step, which further guarantees the quality of the pulse valve and air bag, provides convenience for customers to select and use; the cylinder, air source processing equipment, percussion hammer and other accessories provide customers with a comprehensive one-stop service.