Shanghai Keying Explosion-proof Pulse-jet Bag Dust Collector

Explosion-proof pulse-jet bag dust collector

Shanghai Keying Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Dust explosion-proof fan: explosion-proof motor with aluminum wind wheel
  • Explosion-proof control system: the whole explosion-proof control system, or remote explosion-proof control box remote control start
  • Anti-static filter material: The filter material selected for the equipment, the bag and the filter cartridge are all anti-static aluminum film type. The collected powder is rubbed to generate static electricity due to contact with the filter material and the powder. This kind of static electricity will become the source of the explosion. Through conductive filter materials and conductive coating, static electricity is allowed to escape from the grounding of the power supply
  • Conductive coating: In order to remove the static electricity generated during the friction of the powder, all parts in the machine that can be in contact with the powder are coated with conductivity
  • Explosion-proof electromagnetic coil: The dust collector is arranged in an explosion-proof area, and the pulse solenoid valve must be an explosion-proof electromagnetic coil
  • Unloader: Configure the automatic unloading device to discharge the dust from the ash to the ash bucket in time
  • Power grounding wire: Adopt effective grounding