Ecovacs Air Purification Robot ATMBOT AA30

Cobos air purification robot ATMBOT AA30

Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd.

  • CADR value: 600m3/h of particulate matter, 300m3/h of formaldehyde
  • CCM value: particulate matter P4, formaldehyde F4
  • Purification efficiency: high efficiency
  • Noise: ≤ 40 (mute) / ≤ 57 (standard) / ≤ 66 (strong)
  • Purification method: physical adsorption filtration, mobile purification, fixed point purification
  • Applicable area: whole house purification
  • Break through house restrictions and achieve autonomous mobile purification. ATMBOT AA30 uses the “robot intelligent mobile platform” technology, moves autonomously, cruises for purification, and breaks through the scope of purification. One can be used for multi-room purification needs to cover the whole house purification
  • Professional air purification capabilities, fully surpasses the new national standard. In the purification technology, the twin-turbo cyclone system can provide double power, which makes the air intake more efficient and the wind speed faster; the 4-layer progressive filtration system filters the air from dust fines, hair and pollen to molecular-grade formaldehyde, toxic substances, etc., to ensure respiratory health
  • Connect with Mobile APP, choose clean mode freely, make remote appointment, navigate on the map
  • Scope of applications: Household, commercial use