BROAD Clean Air Fan SF500

BROAD clean air fan SF500

BROAD Clean Air Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Air volume: 500 cubic meters • Rated power: 0.21KW • Heat recovery rate: 80%
  • Installation method: floor or wall hanging • Noise: 39dB • Applicable area: 100-200m2
  • 99.9% filter PM2.5 • Monitor hypoxia • Filter infinitely small dust, kill germs and pollen
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Central fresh air (high wind pressure, connected to the air duct) • Electrostatic dust removal
  • Electrostatic sterilization
  • It is easy to make indoor air 100 times cleaner than outdoor • Heat recovery efficiency of 80%
  • Bring fresh air into the room and separate the smog from the outside
  • Leave comfort in the room and separate the cold and heat from indoors
  • Scope of application: residential, school, hospital, hotel, office building, clubhouse, etc.