Dream-maker Germany Imported Central Fresh Air DM-F2400-IMP

Dream-maker Germany imported central fresh air DM-F2400-IMP

Zhejiang Xingyue Electric Appliance Co., Ltd


  • Originally imported from Germany, fine work, good appearance and durability
  • Replace the window ventilation, discharge decoration pollution
  • Fresh and aerobic air, no smell in the room
  • No dust on the floor bed, no need to clean for 7 days, CEPP antibacterial inner liner, cold and heat resistance, heat preservation and energy saving
  • RECAIR large volume heat exchange, energy loss reduction, humidity balance, suitable temperature and humidity
  • DRS imported new air duct, silver ion coating inhibits bacterial growth, 50 years without aging
  • EBM custom fan, ultra-efficient air intake and return air, low energy consumption, warranty of 50,000 hours
  • Provide a variety of installation solutions, perfect integration with home style, beautiful and generous
  • Air volume: 400m3/h • Rated power: 50/60Hz • Full heat recovery rate: 80%
  • Installation method: wall hanging, landing, hidden installation • Noise: 29-56dB (A)
  • Applicable area: 90-145m2