Rack-free Ultrafiltration Membrane System ZW 1500-RMS

Rack-free Ultrafiltration Membrane System ZW 1500-RMS

General Electric Water Treatment and Process Processing Group

The water treatment experts of GE Water & Process Technologies have developed a modular rack-free ultrafiltration system ZW 1500-RMS with high cost-effectiveness. This product can provide a cost-effective modular system with fast installation, and provide a standard whole machine and engineering integrated solution for small and medium-sized municipal and industrial water treatment plants. The outstanding features of the solution include:

Space saving: Reduce the area occupied by the rack by 50%.

Cost Reduction: Reduce rack customization material and manpower cost.

System simplification: Simplify the field assembly work, directly connect with the high-pressure reverse osmosis system.

Modular design: simple modular design, flexible system layout, easy to expand the scale in the future.

Reliable performance: using a proven ZeeWeed ® 1500 ultrafiltration membrane