Air Purifier (Model: Yunqing 1C-Clear 1)


The product adopts Chinese Academy of Sciences patented technology: electrospinning nanofiber membranes and catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde at room temperature.

Efficient interception of oily and non-oily PM2.5 and particulate pollutants such as bacteria, viruses and pollen. Precise filtration of ultrafine particle as small as 0.02 micron, with filtration efficiency as high as 99.99%.

Catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde at room temperature, high decomposition efficiency, decomposition final products are water and carbon dioxide, no secondary pollution.

Catalytic decomposition of ozone at room temperature, high decomposition efficiency and no by-products. Modular design of filter screen, self-selection of filter for formaldehyde removal and ozone removal according to needs.

360 degree barrel filter has excellent filtration performance. It can adsorb volatile organic pollutants and remove odor.

WiFi accessible, APP intelligent control.

ZHONG KE TONG DE (Beijing) Ecology Technology Co., Ltd.