KJG Series Hollow Blade Dryer


Jiangsu Shengman Drying Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd


Blade dryer has been successfully used in food, chemical industry, petrochemical, dyestuff, industrial sludge and other fields. The characteristics of heat transfer, cooling and stirring enable the equipment to perform the following unit operations: calcination (low temperature), cooling, drying (solvent recovery), heating (melting), reaction and sterilization. The stirring blade is also the heat transfer surface, which enlarges the heat transfer area per unit effective volume and shortens the treatment time. The heat transfer surface of wedge blade has self-cleaning function. Compression-expansion stirring function is able to make materials mix evenly. The material moves in a “piston flow” along the axis. In the axial range, the gradient of temperature, humidity and mixing degree of the material is very small.