Integrated Activated Carbon Adsorption +CO Catalytic Combustion System


Organic exhaust gas is purified and realizes standard emission through activated carbon adsorption bed. After operation, it reaches adsorption saturation and realizes desorption regeneration. The concentration of organic exhaust gas can be concentrated more than 10-20 times. The efficiency of desorption exhaust gas purification can reach more than 97%. Energy consumption can be reduced and no secondary pollution can be produced.

Integration: Adsorption bed, catalytic combustion bed, fan and electronic control system are integrated into an integrated equipment. Pre-commissioning before leaving the factory greatly saves the cost of field installation and commissioning. It occupies a compact area, beautiful and graceful.

Automatic Intelligent Remote Control: The equipment is equipped with PLC/HMI+APP remote control, which can set parameters on HMI or mobile phone, realizing remote control, and checking the operation status of the equipment on the mobile phone.

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