BWT THERO Pure Water Machine

BWT THERO pure water machine:

Advantages: ready-to-use, no tank storage.

Daily water production of 800 gallons.

Optimization module of “Full-fit Design” without dead angle and pollution.

With booster pump and protection device.

4mm high quality aluminum alloy body, excellent shock absorption and fast heat dissipation.

The integrally formed membrane shell with the disposable filter design, easy to replace.


BWT Magnesium Purification Series Water Purifier:

Advantages: Unique Mg2+magnesium ion technology to meet the taste and health nutrition needs.

Refuse scaling, retain and release magnesium ions that are beneficial to human health.

Remove scale and heavy metals such as lead, copper and cadmium.

Imported filter element, five-stage filtration.

Food grade plastic shell with pressure resistance.