Fast A2 Series


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Fast A2 Series

Fast installation, only one plug is needed; No need for hot melt, glue.

Universal connection function can connect plastic pipes that meet national standards, such as PP-R pipe, PVC pipe, PE pipe and nylon network pipe, etc.

It can be repaired with water and operated at high altitude. It can also be connected in harsh environment with high efficiency.

Double “O” ring design, better sealing performance. EPDM rubber can achieve long-term sealing.

Food grade 304 stainless steel snap ring lock the pipeline, reliable, firm, not loose.

No technology required, it can be installed and disassembled by people from 8 to 80 years old.



Fast High Quality CPVC Quick-joint Pipe Fittings

It is designed according to the standard of IGC157 quick-joint pipe fittings in the United States, and the size of outer diameter is suitable for home concealed installation.

Excellent sealing performance. Adopt double sealing design of EPDM rubber oil seal design (seal water at low pressure) and EPDM rubber O ring (seal water at high pressure);

High temperature resistance; The highest temperature of long-term use is 95 C; It can be used in floor heating tubes, solar energy pipeline system and water supply system requiring high temperature, such as: steam bath and connection system of hot spring;

Strong firmness. Adopt the principle of explosive screw, the greater the pressure, the tighter the clasp lock;

High pressure resistance, long-term working pressure 1.2 Mpa, short-term high pressure 3.3 Mpa.