NMZ Type Horizontal Split-case Centrifugal Pump

NMZ Type Horizontal Split-case Centrifugal Pump

Croos Pump (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


NMZ Series Horizontal and NMZ-V Series Vertical Axial Split-case Standard Double-suction Centrifugal Pumps were developed by Croos Pump Industry in the 1980s with Dr. Brodie and his team from the School of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery, Johns Hopkins University, USA. The design concept of this product is high strength and durability design, optimized three-dimensional water capacity, and higher operational reliability. This series of products adopt double volute design, which is the crystallization of many years of design experience. After decades of market operation, it meets the use requirements of different users in different places, and has a very high market reputation.

Product features

High efficiency, good reliability, easy installation and maintenance, and unique characteristics of the vertical and horizontal dual-use. Compared with the traditional double suction pump, it has prominent advantages and is an ideal alternative product.