Permanent Magnet Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump

Permanent Magnet Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump

Leo Group Co., Ltd.

MAC550 permanent magnet intelligent centrifugal pump is an ideal new high efficiency and energy saving pump.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor configuration, frequency conversion and speed regulation are available, high efficiency and energy saving;

Water cooling structure design; no cooling fan noise; absorption of bearing noise; the whole package has a shell to reduce the noise of liquid flow; Ultra-low noise, as quiet as if there is nothing;

New water conservancy structure, optimize water conservancy design, improve pump efficiency;

Multiple function protection, prolong pump life;

Touch screen operation, easy operation, user-friendly design, straightforward;

The intelligent control, monitoring pump pressure, adaption to the use of users and constant pressure water supply provide users with a stable, safe and comfortable water environment.