Ceiling-mountedBidirectional Flow Fresh Air Purifier

Ningbo Runner Housing Facilities Co., Ltd.

Weilin Ceiling-mounted Bidirectional Flow Fresh Air Purifier, the body thickness is only 237 mm, the body surface without any screw, can be mirror installed, suitable for different types of households. The product adopts dual motor power operation, so as to usher infiltered, fresh oxygen-enriched air from outdoor, while at the same time discharging indoor dirty air.After the exchange of indoor and outdoor air through the heat exchange core, the energy conservation can be effectively ensured and heat exchange efficiency is up to more than 70%. With the strictly selected H13 high-efficiency filter, whose expansion area reaches 3 m, the product has a high cumulative purification andlong filter material use cycle, which can effectively remove more than 98% of particle pollutants after an hour. The design of high external static pressure and constant air volume is adopted. As the operating noise is below 28dB, the product can produce comfortable fresh air and adapt itself to the air environment. There are 5 working modes for the users to choose freely, which is intelligent and energy saving.