Window/Wall Type Fog and Haze Removal Fresh Fan

Guangdong Nedfon Air System Co., Ltd.

New Appearance Design: Top open panel, which effectively transmits fresh air to the whole room. The appearance is simpler, more fashionable and beautiful.

Energy-saving and Silent: The salient pole motor with copper core and silent ball bearings can effectively realize the four advantages of low noise, long service life, high efficiency and energy-saving, and maintenance-free after-sales.

Efficient Purification: The built-in HEPA high-efficiency filter screen can effective remove PM2.5, and the purification rate is as high as 97.5%.

Easy Replacement of filter element: 2 installation mode are provided for filter element, namely the front position and post position. In front position, the filter element can be easily pulled out by opening the panel cover, and in post position, the filter element can be pulled out by uncovering the clasp and pulling out the main body.

Safe and reliable: After the panel is disassembled, the front position filter screen and the core power components are protected by grid cover to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Convenient speed regulation: There is a speed regulation switch on the side of the panel, achieving delay-free switching between strong and weak gears.