YH Total Heat Exchanger

Shanghai Yingda Blower Co., Ltd.

The product surface is treated by electrostatic spraying and the surface quality is up to standard.

With pure physical filtration and purification, product is equipped with 50mm thick G4 initial effect H12 high-efficiency filter and the material is PP+PET composite material. The productadopts V-shaped design, increases screen area and reduces pressure loss. The filter paper is spaced with melt adhesive, so that it will not release chemical pollution to dust-free room. It can filter up to 99.2% of PM2.5, avoid generation of indoor mildew, as well as prevent dust, bacteria, fly insects from entering.

The fan shell is firm, and its the components are easy to disassemble and install.The open structure can facilitate the regular cleaning and maintenance.

The air volume and pressure are up to the standard to ensure fresh air volume meets the requirements and the product structure is well sealed.

The heat exchange efficiency reaches 70%. The total heat exchange paper is made of imported non-porous membrane paper (ER paper) and treated by special process. It has the characteristics of good air tightness, high heat transfer efficiency, tear resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance and antimicrobial activity.