OZNER Intelligent Water Chip Water Purifier

Name of Exhibits: OZNER Intelligent Water Chip Water Purifier

Name of Company: Shanghai OZNER Water Purification Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Product features:

Adhering to the concept of safe water purification, using APO+safe water purification technology, innovatively integrating water chip design, saving more than 80% of the number of waterway joints and PE pipes, greatly reducing the risk of leakage, and greatly improving the production and assembly efficiency, eliminating the traditional external water storage pressure tank, saving cabinet space, increasing 25% of the effective water supply. OZNER owns an unique cloud technology anti-counterfeiting system with anti-counterfeiting filter elements, each of which has an one and only code chip embedded before it leaves the factory. It can automatically identify the authenticity of the filter element before installation, and accurately identify the agent channels of the users who buy the filter element. For counterfeit filter elements, its source can be located through the cloud platform.

Equipped with intelligent faucet at the same time, the product adopts IP7 waterproof touch screen, real-time display of water quality index before and after purification, filter replacement reminder, and remote control through Bluetooth, WIFI and mobile phone connection. In addition, the pre-intelligent filter can intercept large particles of impurities in water for areas with poor water quality, and it can be installed as an optional fittings, and have intelligent cleaning reminder function.

Leading the new trend of personalized customization of water purification, OZNER water purification chip provides a protective shell with its appearance can be customized according to consumer preferences or channel brand ODM enterprise customer needs.