Why Exhibit

WieTec is a super-large global environmental protection expo platform around the world. It is aimed to integrate traditional municipal, civil and industrial environmental protection with comprehensive environmental treatment and intelligence environmental protection, and develop into an industry-wide influential business communication platform. As the annual feast of the environmental protection industry, WieTec 2020, which covered display area of ​​250,000 square meters, consisted of 5 thematic exhibitions and 25 pavilions. It not only brought together 3,400 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions, but also attracted nearly 100,000 professional visitors from more than 72 countries and regions. During the event, in addition to the traditional municipal constructors, engineering (installation) companies, design institutes, distributors and agents, exhibitors could reach professional visitors in 28 end-user industries, including food, beverage, brewing, textile, leather, dyeing, paper making, printing, petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, mining, steel, metallurgy, rubber and plastics, cement, electricity power, electronics, automotive, shipping, machinery, construction, gas, public facilities, municipal administration, water conservancy, agriculture, etc. Through the cooperation with a number of international environmental innovation technology organizations, associations and industry media, WieTec launched nearly 100 forums and events so as to share the prospect forecasts for technology and market, provide exhibitors with additional impression opportunities, help companies maintain customer relationships more efficiently, expand business cooperation, promote new products and services, enhance brand image, and consequently acquire advantages in market competition! This three-day event with infinite business opportunities is worth to participate by all enterprises in relevant industries!


• Face-to-face meeting with 120,000 professional visitors from more than 72 countries and regions;

• One-stop services in echo with environmental protection needs of the users engaged in 28 end-user industries;

• On-site match-making with more than 1,000 buyers from top 100 enterprises in the end-user industries;

• 5 thematic exhibitions and 25 pavilions in display area of ​​250,000 square meters;

• 3,500 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions;

• Over 50% of exhibitors operating international environmentally renowned brands;

• A new product launch platform designated by 300 international exhibitor brands;

• WieTec International Advisory Committee, a powerhouse of industry leaders and elites to gain insights into the industry dynamics;

• Collaboration with a number of international environmental innovation technology organizations to present a global vision;

• Nearly 100 forums and events to keep abreast of industry hotspots and technology fronts;

• WieTec APP and 1 million WeChat account subscribers as objects of market campaigns all year round.