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WieTec is a super-large global environmental protection expo platform around the world. It is aimed to integrate traditional municipal, civil and industrial environmental protection with comprehensive environmental treatment and intelligence environmental protection, and develop into an industry-wide influential business communication platform. As the annual feast of the environmental protection industry, WieTec 2020, which covered display area of ​​250,000 square meters, consisted of 5 thematic exhibitions and 25 pavilions. It not only attracted nearly 100,000 professional visitors from more than 72 countries and regions, but also brought together 3,400 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions. The on-site cutting-edge technologies and products were involved with the municipal, civil and industrial sectors, such as sewage treatment, sludge disposal, water engineering, waste gas treatment, solid waste disposal, environmental monitoring, ecological restoration, industrial pure water, civil purified water, air purification, fresh air system, building water supply and drainage system, HVAC system, as well as membranes, instrumentation, pumps, valves, pipelines, pharmaceuticals, sterilization and disinfection equipment and other major equipment and related components. All these mentioned above offered a wide range of environmental protection technologies and service solutions along the whole industrial chain. In addition, through the cooperation with a number of international environmental innovation technology organizations, associations and industry media, WieTec launched nearly 100 forums and events, which help visitors communicate with senior experts and elites face-to-face, gain insights into classic cases and popular technology applications, and grasp the value of new industry concepts and new technologies ​​in advance, thereby contributing to business cooperation and career development! This three-day splendid event is worth to experience by all industry professionals!



• 5 thematic exhibitions and 25 pavilions in display area of ​​250,000 square meters

• 3,500 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions;

• A new product launch platform designated by 300 international exhibitor brands;

• Hands-on technology and service solutions in echo with environmental protection needs of various industries;

• WieTec International Advisory Committee, a powerhouse of industry leaders and elites to gain insights into the industry dynamics;

• Collaboration with a number of international environmental innovation technology organizations to present a global vision;

• Over 50% of exhibitors operating international environmentally renowned bran

• Over 64,000 exhibits throughout the entire industry chain of environmental protection;

• Nearly 100 forums and events to keep abreast of industry hotspots and technology fronts;

• View exchange for future outlook together with 120,000 industry elites from more than 72 countries and regions;

• WieTec APP and WeChat account for free access to industry-wide information round the clock.